Welcome to BC BIO

Welcome to the BC BIO Information site.

BC BIO is a not-for-profit conference, held one day each year for biology faculty members, graduate students and others involved in post-secondary education, typically coinciding with Provincial Articulation meetings. Presentations can be on anything related to teaching and learning within biology. Example topics have included techniques used in the classroom, curriculum mapping in biology, novel or unique lab activities, research on student performance in biology, etc. Please consider presenting or leading a round table discussion – your participation is what makes BC BIO happen!

BC BIO 2024 was a success! Stay tuned to this website for more information about BC BIO 2025. It will be held at TRU in Kamloops, on Wednesday April 30, 2025, in between the Biology Articulation committee meeting (April 28th and 29th) and The Health Educators committee meeting (May 1st and 2nd), all at TRU.

If you are a representative for Biology Articulation or The Health Educators articulation group, more information about these meetings can be found on their respective pages or from your articulation chair.